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Manager Dong: 86-13210909366

Factory address: 39-6 Shenyang Middle Road, Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province

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Aluminum alloy paddle

Both strength and weight, strong and durable, buy paddle board standard

  • Commodity name: Aluminum alloy paddle


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    Scope of application


    Details reveal quality

    Excellent quality \excellent quality \exquisite workmanship \exquisite details

    Exquisite details lead to ingenious quality


    Use characteristics


    Company Profile

    Fivori outdoor products is a company integrating industry and trade. Its main products are surfboards, paddle board accessories, etc. In recent years, the products are mainly exported, foreign exhibitions, and domestic online sales.


    Figure playing pulp board



    Warm Tips

    In order to protect your rights, please read carefully before shopping

    The product received by 1. has a bad smell

    This product belongs to PVC products, due to long-term sealed packaging, there will be a little smell (non-toxic and harmless) when opening, it is normal, only need to be placed in a ventilated place (depending on the weather) to dry for about 1-5 days, the smell disappears.

    Note: FAVORITE/Fivori products are all made of non-toxic and harmless materials that do not contain phthalate and meet the requirements of EU 6P plasticizer standard search Q. Please feel free to use them.

    2. first use

    1. For the first charge, it is recommended to inflate 80% and place it for 8 hours (spring, summer, autumn and winter) before putting it into use. Due to the buffering process required at the internal drawing belt and seams of the product, this can effectively extend the service life of the inflatable product.

    2. The temperature in winter is relatively low. Although the cold resistance index of our products reaches the market standard, PVC products will harden and become brittle at low temperature during express delivery. In order to prolong the service life of the products, it is recommended to place the products indoors for more than 24 hours before inflation after receiving the products, otherwise it is easy to cause crease rupture and air leakage.


    Unified Response to Frequently Asked Questions

    1. About Color Difference

    All product pictures are taken by professional photographers, but due to the shooting light, display and other reasons, as well as personal color cognition and other factors, the picture effect will still have slight uncontrollable color difference, please understand.

    2. About Dimensions

    1. Due to different styles, measuring air pressure environment and measuring methods, it is normal to have a 3-5cm error in size data. This error does not affect the use experience. Please do not use this as an after-sales problem to initiate after-sales rights protection.

    2. Conversion method between feet and centimeters: 1 foot = 12 inches = 2.54 centimeters;

    Example: 11'6 "= (11x 12 6) * 2.54-350cm

    3. About Shipping

    1. Our products are sent by default to Debang Express/Logistics, except for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and remote areas (Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia). All orders beyond the delivery scope of the express/logistics point must be delivered to the logistics point or delivered to the door at one's own expense.

    2. Some models and personalized customization requirements of our shop need to arrange production, and the general cycle is 7-15 days.

    4. on after-sales;

    Please be sure to unpack and inspect the goods before signing the order. If there is any damage, please take photos of the damage and let the express/logistics issue a damage certificate, and contact customer service in time.

    1. If the product has quality problems, the buyer pays the freight in advance, the goods are sent back to the factory, and the quality inspection is carried out. If the quality problem is determined, the seller shall bear the freight back and forth.

    2. Non-product quality problems, and does not affect the case of secondary sales, return and return freight borne by the buyer.

    3. After the product is launched and used, it will not be returned or exchanged if it affects the secondary sales, and it will be implemented in accordance with the warranty policy.

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    Double-head aluminum paddle length

    195CM 67CM

    Double-headed aluminum paddle weight

    1250g (soil 50g)

    Single aluminum paddle length

    166CM 72CM

    Single head aluminum paddle weight

    900g (soil 50g)


    Aluminum alloy double-headed paddle




    Aluminum alloy


    195CM 67CM




    Strength and weight, sliding more labor-saving, floating water does not sink to the bottom
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    Scale adjustment

    The length can be adjusted at will, the scale is clear, and the adjustment steps are simple.


    Imitation hammer handle

    Handle imitation hammer design, in line with engineering mechanics, the use of comfortable and smooth.


    Embraced latch

    The use of professional embracing lock, simple installation, easy to operate.


    three body regulation

    Easy to use, flexible operation, can adjust the size.


    Aluminum paddle

    The paddle body is thinner and lighter and glides more smoothly.


    Recess card slot

    Simple/quick/easy to install

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