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Company Profile

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Weihai FAVORITE Sports Goods Co., Ltd. was located at 3rd Floor, No.39-6, Huantian Industrial Park, Zhangcun Town, Huancui District, Weihai City. It was established in early 2017. Company mainly produced & sell customized inflatable paddle boards and other related equipment. Products mainly exported to Europe and the United States. Company has a mature R&D team. According to the pain points of European & American customers, it had developed racing V-board, rescue board, double-chamber Kayak fishing boat and water recreation platform. Also applied patents successfully. Customer like these new ideas very much.

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Company now has more than 20 employees. Producing more than 1,000 products per month. The core culture of company is "integrity and gratitude". Employees have strict demands on the details of production, for example, constant temperature and humidity, fixed proportion of glue, no appearance damage, check air tightness and finished product inclination, in order to guarantee each of our products has a good quality and 2 years warranty.

“Be honest, be faithful, be grateful for every effort, and give back the greatest effort! ”

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"Be honest, be faithful, be grateful for every effort, and give back the greatest effort!"

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Phone No. 86-631-5758898

Location, No.579-3, ShenYang Middle Road , WeiHai City , China 

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