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Getting started with paddle board: matters needing attention for paddle action!

How to practice a very stretched paddling posture on land, and at the same time repeatedly emphasized the precautions of raising your chest and paddling. First of all, we still have to take the trouble to remind everyone that when paddling, look up to the front, do not look down at the blades and feet, so that the movement is not stretched, and the advancement of the blades cannot reach the maximum stroke. It is easy to have back pain, so everyone must pay attention to raising your head and chest!

Correct opening method for maintenance of inflatable paddle board

As we all know, BOTE paddle boards are very strong. But this does not mean that it is invulnerable and indestructible, so careful care can ensure the performance of the paddle board and extend its service life. But if you are worried or are experiencing some minor problems with the paddle board, such as: cleaning, air leakage... Don't worry, this article will solve your minor worries:
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