Should I choose a hard paddle board or inflate it? After reading this, you will understand!


Regarding paddle boards, inflatable (Aero) or rigid (Gatorshell)? Do you do a lot of information search before buying? If the answer is "Yes", then this article will definitely help you! We know that it is very important to buy a suitable paddle board, so we want to help you find the best paddle board for you.

Regarding paddle boards, inflatable (Aero) or rigid (Gatorshell)? Do you do a lot of information search before buying? If the answer is "Yes", then this article will definitely help you! We know that it is very important to buy a suitable paddle board, so we want to help you find the best paddle board for you.


Because of the variety of BOTE paddle boards, choosing between the Gatorshell series and the Aero series can be tricky. Both styles provide a series of colors that match your personal style, innovative compatibility functions (to maximize the use of space) and unique structures (BOTE original). While we expand our product line to provide more options and spicy designs, we know that if you are not familiar with standing paddle boards, the selection process may be troublesome.

Hard paddle board VS inflatable paddle board


Functional ·

When it comes to performance, you have to know something about hull design. Depending on your lifestyle, performance means many different things, which will play a key role in your choice. For example, if you only want to fish, the paddle board needs a good drainage system (such as HD or Rackham) to help drain the water and keep the paddle board efficient when full of fishing gear. For long-distance rowing, Traveller long and narrow hulls are used in conjunction with drainage designs for cruising. In addition, if you plan to spend most of your time practicing paddle board yoga or surfing, then you need to choose a paddle board with a flat and wide surface. The Flood series is very suitable.

Each rigid paddle series (Flood, HD, Rackham and Traveller) has its corresponding inflatable series. The smooth bottom of the boat, the bow is tilted, so the paddle board will feel more stable for novices. But in fact, you need to spend a lot of effort to maintain the balance of the inflatable paddle during the journey. The hard series is not.

Therefore, if you are looking for the speed, efficiency and overall smoothness of the paddle board. So, Gatorshell win!


Storage and carrying

Although the sturdy Gatorshell series can make a beautiful wall decoration or decorate a cluttered garage, long-distance driving with 3m to 4m paddle boards is not suitable for the faint of heart. Unless you are a professional who installs solid paddle boards and have obvious advantages in terms of portability and storage, we are sorry to tell you that Gatorshell series is not suitable for you.

The Aero series has won people's favor with its lightweight structure and easy storage ability. The 3.4m Flood Aero has a net weight of 13KG. After being loaded into the roller bag, the total weight is 19KG.

So, you see? In terms of portability and storage, the Aero series wins.

Scalability ·

You may also care about the accessory compatibility of our paddle boards. However, the accessories you use on the Gatorshell series (except standard) are also available with our Aero series, including the basic Travelink shoulder strap and Rac aluminum price system.

Therefore, in terms of the scalability of accessories, the Gatorshell series is on par with the Aero series.

Durability ·

The toughness of our Gatorshell is 6 times that of traditional epoxy resin, and when you compare it with other hard paddle boards on the market, you will find its advantages.

Of course, inflatable paddles can also suffer from extraneous damage. But the Aero BOTE structure can withstand the risk of being thrown, hit and scratched, and is not prone to permanent imperfections. This is the best choice for our Aero series to become a family board and a choice for novice paddle boards.

While we can't underestimate the resilience of the Gatorshell, the Aero series has won the crown of durability as an option in terms of taking external risks.

Diversity ·

When referring to paddles, the fixed dimensions do not necessarily fit all types of paddles. That's why we're constantly working on innovative products.

We prototype all Gatorshell collections in the Dark Room, including a variety of styles, to ensure that everyone can find their own.

Our Aero series are designed with a smooth bottom and head tilt to maintain the stability of the paddle board. However, this design may limit your choice of paddle boards, which will affect the hull capacity and accessories requirements. But unlike the inflatable series, the Gatorshell series has a progressive advantage, with different lengths, changes in style, and increased weight, allowing us to meet individual needs in a subtle way, which the Aero series cannot replicate.

Therefore, from the diversity of paddle board, Gatorshell series has incomparable advantages.

High standards ·

Do you think inflating means cheap? Think again. Although our inflatable water skis are affordable, they are also made of high-quality materials and pay attention to detail. Similarly, the material selection design of our hard paddle board is also the first in the same type.

Both the Gatorshell series and the Aero series take into account the highest quality standards, but use different materials to complete it.

As you can see, both the Gatorshell series and the Aero series have their own advantages. In the end, the "right board" depends on your personal priorities.

SUP Comparison Table ·

Finally, we 've put together a series of SUP comparison tables to help you make quick decisions:


After reading the above article, you must have a general grasp of the choice of inflatable paddle board or hard paddle board. If you have any questions, you can leave a message to tell us.

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