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Manager Dong: 86-13210909366

Factory address: 39-6 Shenyang Middle Road, Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province

10.6*32*6(320*81*15CM) Super casual board

Strengthen the material, simple leisure atmosphere.

HOT series windsurfing

Sail series paddle board, paddle can sail, dual-purpose paddle board.

10.5*32*6 (318*81*15CM) Beauty casual board

Suitable for beginners to use, stable and easy to use.

12.6-14*26*6(381-427*66*15CM) Red Xiao Racing Board

Double reinforced material, 15cm wide reinforced lacing

12.6-14*26*6(381-427*66*15CM) tiger shark racing board

Woven reinforced material, the board body is tougher and lighter, meeting the needs of high-level players

12.6-14*28*6(381-427*71*15CM) White Arrow and Yellow Arrow Racing Board

71cm wide, star product, streamlined board body, upper and lower carbon cloth reinforcement, suitable for advanced players, suitable for novices

14*24*6(427*61*15) Beluga V Racing Board

61cm v bottom, more suitable for higher competitive level

Cartoon Minor Shark 1A

2.75 m long paddle board for children's cool play

Giraffe Graffiti 2D

Tailored, children's special, leisure paddle board

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