Aluminum alloy paddle

Both strength and weight, strong and durable, buy paddle board standard

Glass fiber paddle

Good tensile strength, not easy to deform

Carbon paddle

High hardness, heavy light, more portable

10.6*32*6(320*81*15CM) Super casual board

Strengthen the material, simple leisure atmosphere.

HOT series windsurfing

Sail series paddle board, paddle can sail, dual-purpose paddle board.

10.5*32*6 (318*81*15CM) Beauty casual board

Suitable for beginners to use, stable and easy to use.

12.6-14*26*6(381-427*66*15CM) Red Xiao Racing Board

Double reinforced material, 15cm wide reinforced lacing

12.6-14*26*6(381-427*66*15CM) tiger shark racing board

Woven reinforced material, the board body is tougher and lighter, meeting the needs of high-level players

12.6-14*28*6(381-427*71*15CM) White Arrow and Yellow Arrow Racing Board

71cm wide, star product, streamlined board body, upper and lower carbon cloth reinforcement, suitable for advanced players, suitable for novices

14*24*6(427*61*15) Beluga V Racing Board

61cm v bottom, more suitable for higher competitive level

Cartoon Minor Shark 1A

2.75 m long paddle board for children's cool play

Giraffe Graffiti 2D

Tailored, children's special, leisure paddle board

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