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FAVORITE yoga paddle board, surfboard, inflatable paddle board, SUP for beginners

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1. Every glued location will be checked with an awl after the adhesive is completely cured to ensure that there is no omission.

FAVORITE Sports Goods

2. Each batch of products will be sampled to test the bonding tension and the strength of the raw materials to ensure the stability of the materials and processes (under a standard test environment-under a constant temperature and humidity environment).

FAVORITE Sports Goods

3. The finished products of each process will be tested for flatness on the horizontal inspection platform, and any distorted products will be rejected.

FAVORITE Sports Goods

4. All of our raw materials, adhesives, and metal rings meet European and American environmental protection standards, and fully meet the quality and requirements of foreign trade.

5. Our products will be repaired free of charge for any quality problems. When there is man-made damage, it is recommended that the product be returned to the factory (no matter which brand of product), our company will repair it at the cost price, and there will never be any profit here.

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